Thrissur popularly known as the cultural capital of Kerala because of its rich cultural, spiritual and religious heritage. It houses the Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy and the KeralaLalithkala Academy. Thrissur city is built around 65 acres of hillocks called  Thekkinkadu Maidan, where the Vadakkumnathan temple is located. It is globally renowned for the Thrissur Pooram Festival,most spectacular festivals in Kerala which has the greatest gathering in Asia.the festival is conducted in Thekkinkadu Maidan, in front of Vadakkumnathan temple. The pulikali performed during onam celebrations is another unique specialty of this city. Thrissur also has added to its name The Church of Our Lady of Dolors, popularly known as the New Church. It is the third tallest church in Asia and the tallest in India.

Places to visit

Vadakkunathan Temple

Vadakunathan Temple is one the oldest and largest shiva temple located in the heart of thrissur city.The huge gopurams on four sides and kuttambalam makes it a classic example reflecting the rich architectural style of kerala.India won the UNESCO “Award of excellence” The Vadakkunathan Temple is more like an icon of Thrissur district situated in the heart of the district. The Temple is well-known for the calm and serene ambience and the beautiful architecture with the pyramidal tower at the entrance touching the sky. The famous Thrissur Pooram festival is held in front of the temple and the festival is witnessed by people of all religions from across a lot of countries.Dress code is a must inside the temple,no pants and modern dresses are allowed.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirapilly Waterfall is situated in Chalakkudy Taluk ,Thrissur district.Athirappilly Waterfalls being the largest waterfalls in Kerala is also known as “The Niagara of India”. Both the top and bottom of the waterfall gives us the most refreshing feeling .Walking 15 minutes from the entrance we can reach the top of the waterfall which gives mindblowing view of the mighty Sholayar hills and breathtaking view of the waterfall.Standing in the foot of the waterfalls one enjoy the cool spray of the crystalline water which is really magical.The journey to the waterfall is along winding roads that passes lush green lands and small villages. Apart from the scenic beauty of the waterfalls, tourists can also jungle safari along thick forests, tea garden and wildlife.

Charpa Waterfalls

Charpa Waterfalls lies between the Athirapilly and Vazhachal Waterfalls. Charpa Waterfalls located in the road side is a refreshing stopover for the tourists who visit Athirapilly and Vazhachal. During monsoons water splashes on to the road, drenching tourist standing by the road. During summer the waterfall gets dried up due to scarcity of water. It is a small waterfall, but worth watching the milky white water flow from a height of 63 feet.

Vazhachal Waterfalls and Forest

Vazhachal Waterfall is located in Chalakkudy river, originating from the upper reaches of the Western ghats. The waterfall is situated amidst dense forest rich in rare species of flora and fauna. Chalakkudy river is harnessed at the Sholayar dam flows slanting through the Vazhchal and finally reaches the magnificent Athirapally falls. Some of the endangered species of hornbills are only found in this forest. Cool and misty water flowing down through the rocky terrain surrounded by the belt of lush and green forest will provide a worthy time for all nature lovers.

Snehatheeram Beach

Snehatheram beach is located in thaikkulam in Thrissur district. Snehatheeram beach lies along the coast of the Arabian Sea and was rated the best beach in Kerala by Tourist Department of Kerala in 2010. A children’s park with all facilities is located near to the beach. The sandy sea shore is maintained clean by the KTDC gives us the full pleasure of enjoying a lovely sunset. An aquarium with wide variety of fishes also attracts tourist to this beautiful beach. The tiled walkway around a well maintained garden gives us a refreshing evening walk. It is one of the best beaches to relax and unwind.

The Bible Tower

The Bible tower is the tallest church tower in Asia and tallest structure in Kerala, 260 feet tall erected elegantly behind towers of 140 feet height. This church tower with red cross lit in the top can be spotted from anywhere in thrissur city. This tower is certified as earthquake resistant by the geology department of India. The church has remarkable architecture with mural painting, wood carvings of Bible enlightening the life of Lord Jesus and other paintings that represent biblical instances. The tower has a lift till 160 feet height and then stairs to access the top of the tower.

The Thiruvambadi Krishna Shrine

The main deity of Thiruvambadi temple is Unnikrishnan that is Lord Krishna in infant form. Goddness Bhagavathy is also worshipped in a shrine placed left to lord Krishna. This temple is one amongst two major rivals in Thrissur Pooram festival. Bhagavat Gita chanting is done throughout the day which keeps the temple live always. Free lunch is provided by the Devasom every day. Dharmasastha and Lord Ganesha are also worshipped in shrine outside the Nalambalam. Dress code is must inside the temple,no pants and modern dresses are allowed.

Paramekkavu Temple

Paramekkavu Temple is one of largest Bhagavati temples in Kerala, Thrissur district.This temple is one amongst two major rivals in Thrissur pooram festival. This temple is situated opposite to Vadakunathan temple. The main deity is Bhagavathy in the temple. There is a "mekkavu" in this temple in which is the "Kodungallore bagavathy" as per another legend. Besides pooram "Vela" is another main function.

Peechi - Vazhani Wildlife sanctuary

Peechi dam was started in 1957 to serve the purpose of agriculture and drinking needs of people in thrissur city. The dam with 3200 acres of catchment area built across the Manali river has vast botanical gardens and spurting fountains. The wildlife sanctuary has 50 species of orchids and in numerable medicinal plants. It has 25 species of carnivores like leopard, tiger, jungle cat, and herbivores like the Sambar deer, barking deer, spotted deer, Indian bison, and Asian elephant. Here are close to 60 types of birds, 10 types of reptiles, along with meat eaters like leopard, tiger, vixen, Bison, etc. and grass eaters like deer, elks, barking deer, elephants, and many more.

Guruvayur Srikrishna Temple

Guruvayur is one of the main pilgrim centers in Kerala.Lord Vishnu in the form of Krishna is worshipped in this temple. Guruvayur is known as the “Dwaraka of South India”.It is believed that the deity is being worshipped here for more than 5000 years, though not officially recorded. The temple faces East with two gopurams, one in the East (Kizhakkenada), one in the West (Padinjarenada). At the center of the two gopurams is the Nallambalam , a square shaped pillared hall.At the north-east side of the shrine is the Koothambalam,were in olden times dance performances were held. The West gopuram is called Dwijasthamba which is like a flag staff fully covered with gold.The innermost room of the Sree kovil where the Lord Krishna idol is placed is called Garbhagriha inside which all articles are in gold. The Oottupura for prasadoottu is located in the north side. The punarthur kota is the home of 56 elephants belonging to the Guruvayur temple which is donated by the devotees. Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. Dress code is must inside the temple, no pants and modern dresses are allowed.

Kerala Kalamandalam

The Kerala Kalamandalam, a university of Art and Culture is the authentic learning center to learn the various art forms of Kerala. The center is renowned for Kathakali, Kudiyattam and Mohiniyattam training. The training center holds a simple traditional architecture that draws one closer to the art and theater forms of Kerala. This was founded in 1930 by Padmabhooshan Valathol Narayanan Menon which was his long cherished dream come true. It is situated in the banks of Bharathapuzha. Training for instruments like Chenda, Mizhuva and maddalam are given here.

Shakthan Thamburan Palace and Museum

The Shakthan Thamburan Palace, once belonged to the ruling dynasty of Kochi and is close to the Vadakkumnathan Temple. It was formerly known as Vadakkechira Kovilakam which was renovated by Shakthan Thampuran. The palace is a two-storied building build in the traditional Kerala style Nalukettu. The unique construction of the interiors provide a very comfortable condition inside the palace irrespective of the outside climate. There is a Serpakavu near to the palace and in the southern side there is a heritage garden. The museum inside the palace displays paintings, sculptures and bronze artefacts that belonged to the period between the 9 th and 17 th century. A visit to this palace will take us back to 17 th century and its glory.

Sahithya Academy

The Karala Sahithya Academy is an autonomous institution established for the promotion of Malayalam Literature. The Academy hosts one of the best libraries in Kerala and a picture gallery of writers of yester years. It is mainly established to promote the growth of Malayalam literature. It is located near Town hall in Thrissur city. Sahithya Academy was inaugurated by Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma, in August 15 th 1956.

Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum

The Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum is a traditional two-storied building with galleries that explain the history of Ayurveda, traditional treatment methods, collection of raw herbs and an audio-visual theatre that explains Ayurveda in the finest way possible. This museum is located in Thaikkattusserry and was inaugrated by former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam.This museum is a tribute to the E.T.Neelakhandan mooss, a legend in Ayurvedic treatment.