Malappuram is one of the northern districts of Kerala. It is bordered by Western Ghats in the east and Arabian Sea in the West which itself makes it a place of scenic beauty. Malappuram is historically significant and has remarkable heritage. This region has contributed its best to economy, heritage, trade cultural, political and tourism of Kerala. Malappuram has contributed in abundance to the Vedic and Ayurveda education in medieval times. Malappuram means “Hill top” which rightly justified by the small hills spread over in this region. Historically this region is the marked as the venue for Khilafat movement and birth place for Mopilarevolt. Muslimtraditional dance form Oppana took birth in Malappuram. Malappuram is a unique travel destination with serene rivers, beautiful hill stations, famous temples, wildlife sanctuaries and magnificent waterfalls.

Places to visit


Nilambur also known as Land of Teak Plantations is located in the banks of Chaliyar river and near to Western Ghats. Nilambur is an incredible wild life destination with dense forests. Nilambur is popularly known for the Teak museum that exhibits wide varieties of Teak and all information related to it.A bio resource park and butterfly park is situatednear to the museum surrounded by bamboos gives mesmerizing experience for Nature lovers. Conolly’s plot in Nilambur provides charming location within the forest area which has one of the oldest Teak plantations. Reaching this place is even more fascinating since one has to cross a hanging bridge across a Chaliyar river which sways when people walk over it.Nilambur is full-fledged with number of resorts and home stays which opens the doorway to delicious Malabar cuisine.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is spread over a bunch of islands and surrounded by mounds. The hilltop is 200 feet above sea level and provides a mind-blowing view of the Kadalundi river flowing into the Arabian sea. This pristine land spread over 2 sq km area has over 100 species of native birds and 60 species of migratory birds. A boat ride in the Kadalundi river provides beautiful view of birds flying in flocks over the river.The best time to visit here is December to April. This sanctuary has the largest varieties of birds in Kerala. The sanctuary has rich variety of fish, mussels and crabs. The wide variety of flora and fauna here will attract all Nature lovers to this place.

Adyanpara Waterfalls

Adyanpara is a famous waterfalls located in Nilambur taluk surrounded by lush and dense forest.The water gushing through the ups and downs of the rock terrainprovides a stunning view to the tourists.During monsoon rich and serene water flow from tiny waterfalls to form this waterfall. During summer we can swim in this water and enjoy its freshness to the fullest. The forest surrounding this waterfall is rich in wildlife and rare species of migratory birds. The noise of the crystal clear water falling amidst the chirping of migratory birds will give tourists an unforgettable experience. Climbing the rocks before reaching the waterfalls adds a bit of adventure to ones trip.

Kozhippara Waterfalls

Kozhippara Waterfall situated in Kakkadampoyil hill station on top of Western Ghats covered with dense and green forest.The waterfalls is ideal place for adventurous trekking, rock climbing and swimming.Kozhippara comes and falls into a beautiful rivers in the midst of dense jungle ,surrounded by coconut palms which makes it the favorite spot for exotic birds a unique specialty of this place. A dive in the Kuthradampuzha river makes one fresh and has rejuvenating qualities which cures many skin diseases.This waterfall is not known to many people, hence ideal place for calm and peace lovers.

Nedumkayam Rainforest

Nedumkayam rainforest located 15kms from Nilambur in Malappuram district.It is one among the densest forests in Kerala with a wide variety of wildlife. The old wooden house inside the woods offers a panoramic view of the elephants and deer in the forest. Another attraction of this place is the elephant taming camp, where elephants are trained. One has to get prior permission from the Indian Forest Department to enter the forest area. Heavy restrictions are imposed to conserve the forest in its virgin form. Tourists can spot elephants, bison, tiger, rabbit, deer and others. The rivers of the forest add an extra pinch of serenity and calmness to this forest. This an ideal place for trekking also. The forest can be visited throughout the year, morning and evening is best time to spend here.

Arya Vaidya Sala

Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala is a renowned Ayurvedic Health Care Center in India. Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala is a charitable institution who are engaged in pratising and propagating Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatments and therapies done here attract people from all around the globe. It was founded in 1902 by Late Vaidyaratnam Warrier , started as a small clinic now has branches spread everywhere in India. The KAV has its own research and development wing for improving the quality of its drug production. They have herbal gardens with medicinal plants of rare varieties.The students are permitted into the garden for their research works.


Kodikuthimala is known as the Ooty of Malappuram due to the hills that are at a height of about 2000 ft above sea level and british hoisted a flag at the hill top after a land survey.Their is a watch tower at 2000ft above sea level on top of the hill which provides tourist a amazing view of the entire area. The main tourist attractions of this region are the serene waterfalls, the watchtower, the suicide point and ever flowing streams of water through the hilly terrain. It is an ideal trekking spot for youngsters who love adventures.

Keralamkundu Waterfalls

Keralamkundu Waterfalls are a magnificent waterfall at a height of 1500 ft above sea level and the water falls to a depth of 150 feet from a rocky cliff to the pool down surrounded by evergreen trees and bushes. The crystalline cool water is ideal for drinking due to its medicinal properties acquired from the trees and shrubs that it passes through. It was formed due to cascade in large rock over years in the Western ghats. Aromatic herbs and shrubs spread fragnance to the entire locality. It is one of the best. The weather here is really pleasant and soothing fulfilling the tourists dreams.


This temple is located in Tanur,Malappuram district Keraladeshpuram temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is famous among tourists for its calm ambience and the mural paintings depicted on the walls of the temple. The temple was destroyed by Tipu sultan and rebuilt recently.