Kasaragod is the region where Kerala, Tulunad and Coorg meet each other. It is the place where people from different languages, religions and cultures live together in harmony.Kasargod has unique linguistic culture known as "SapthabhashaSangamabhoomi" as seven major languages are spoken here.Theyyam,a ritualistic dance form performed in templesis one of the major attractions of this district.Kasargod is blessed with sea kissed forts,mighty hills, serene rivers,forests and the most delightful beaches. Bekal Fort in Kasaragod is one of the oldest fort in the state. Keeping aside scenic beauty Kasaragod is also famous for its coir and handloom industries.

Places to visit

Bekal Fort

Bekal is the largest and well preserved fort in Kerala lying along the Arabian Sea with key hole shape. The shallow beaches on either side of fort known as Bekal fort beach is developed in to an attractive beach location by Bekal Resorts Development Cooperation without disturbing the nature. The shallow beach provides an spectacular view of the 300 year old Fort. The three fourth of the fort is covered with water. The defense strategy used in the Fort is explicit such as zig zag entrances, trenches all around, holes in the wall which makes it a place to pause and explore.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

The temple is constructed in the middle of the lake measuring about 2 acres which makes it unique in all structural aspects. This is the only lake temple in kerala situated in Ananthapura village, about 30kms from Bekal fort.It is the moolasthanamof Ananthapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram.The cave in right corner of the lake which is believed as the way chosen by Ananda Padmanaba to Thriruvananthapuram is another interesting spot in this temple. There is guardian crocodile found in this temple pond which about 150 years old. The crocodile will never harm devotees who take bath in the pond, not even the fishes. The only food which it will have is the offering of the devotees.

Chandragiri Fort

The Chandragiri Fort is located near to merging of river Payaswini and Arabian Sea in Chandragiri village.Fort gives an ethenic view of the convergence of Arabian sea with river Payaswini.This squared fort was built in 17th century,occupying 7 acres of land.In the monsoon season to watch the fort in black clouds and drizzling will attract all photography lovers.Today this ruined fort in under the protection of State Archaeology department.

Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple,also known as Madhur Madanantheswara Siddhi Vinayaka is located 8 kms North East of Kasargod Town. Madhuvahini river flows in of the temple, surrounded in other three sides by paddy field and coconut trees.The main deity worshipped in this temple is Lord Shiva.The temple is also famous for Mahaganapathi and people believe that the ganapathi idol keeps growing.The three tierd structure with copper plated roofs makes the temple architecture unique.The historic events in Mahabharata and Ramayana can been seen carved on the ceilings of the prayer hall in the temple.

Kottancheri Hills

Kottencheri Hill is a part of Western ghats and also an extension of the Ranipuram wildlife sanctuary.It is a beautiful rain forest ideal for trekking.This hill almost resembles kodaikanal in Tamilnadu.Its nearness to Talakaveri makes it more charming.The forest of Kottencheri is rich in wildlife like wild elephants,deers,wild dogs,rare birds,butterflies are abundant here. Monsoon forests and spice plantation also adds to the scenic beauty of this place. The ideal time to visit this place is from the month of December to February.

Kappil Beach

Kappil beach is one of the unexplored secrets of Kerala at about 6 kms from Bekal Fort.One can spend the best private times with their family since it is less crowded and enjoy a refreshing holiday.The sun covered beach with voluminous stretch of golden sand makes it ideal place for all beach activities.Tourist can enjoy an backwater rides in Kappil beach, which is one of the main activities here.Another unique attraction of this spot is the Kodi cliff from where you can enjoy the everlasting stretches of Arabian Sea in open blue sky. Once you witness the captivating view of Arabian Sea from the top of the cliff , you will approve that it was worth climbing the cliff.It will be a loss if you miss to visit this cleanest and peaceful beach while your visit to Kasargod district.

Ranipuram Hill Station

Ranipuram is situated 750m above sea level and the evergreen forest merges in to the forests in Karnataka state.This forest was earlier known as Madathumala.It is an ideal trekking spot.Ranipuram hills are rich in wild elephants and varied vegetation.Wild elephants can be seen wandering around in the top of the hill.Ranipuram is comparable to Ooty – famous hill station in Tamilnadu.


Malom or the land of mountains as the name suggests is also known as ‘The Coorg of Kerala’ is resting in the laps of Western Ghats. It is renowned for the lush green rainforest and sparsely populated nature which offers an excellent walk and relaxation to tourists. Malom is located between Ranipuram and Kottancheri. Malom is blessed with cool, pleasant climate and heavy rainfall due the dense forest there. Malom wild life sanctuary is attractive tourist spot with variety of animals and birds including peacocks. The sanctuary has animals like wild pig, slender loris, rhesus monkey, flying squirrel, porcupine and hornbills.Tourists can even see pythons and king cobras in the sanctuary.

Kareem’s forest Park

Situated in Puliyamkulam, Kareem’s Forest Park is the only man-made forest in kerala built by Kareem, a native of Kasargod. This forest inspires everybody who visits here to save nature. Kareem’s forest park is rich in wide variety of plants and shrubs of medicinal value. It is the home for different species of birds and animals. Environmentalists, scientists and Ayurveda students are frequent visitors to Kareem’s Park forest.

Veeramala Hills

Veeramala hills is a beautiful hill in Cheruvathur Panchayat.Hill top provides a charming view of the Kariangode River by the side of the hill. The hill top also has the ruins of a Dutch fort built in the 18th century.It is an ideal tourist spot to enjoy the untarnished beauty of Nature. This upcoming picnic spot lies adjacent to NH-17.