Kannur, the old Cannonore is known as the land of Looms and Lores due to its evergreen handloom industries and the ritualistic folk art forms performed in the district. Kannur is major center for the ritual dance form “Theyyam” performed in small shrines known as kavus. Kannur was an important trading center tracing its trading connections with Chinese, Greeks, Arabs, Romans, Hebrews and Persians. The historic temples, forts, pristine beaches, museums and its proximity to Mahe, a union territory keeps tourists attracted to Kannur.

Places to visit

St. Angelo’s Fort

St.Angelo Fort also known as Kannur Fort, is one of the most important historical monument and tourist attraction in Kannur built by Portuguese in 15th century, presently well maintained under supervision of Archeological Survey of India. St.Angelo Fort provides an enchanting view of Moppila Bay and Dharmadam island. St. Angelo’s Fort is fortified with huge laterite walls in triangular form, surrounded by a large ditch and prisoner cages and magnificient interiors making it an excellent piece of architecture. Fort faces Arabian sea, which provides fascinating view of the sea during sunset and sunrise.

Moppila Bay

Moppila Bay is a scenic area attracting many tourists. It is also a natural harbor for fishing and inlet water is great for boat rides. It is situated between the St. Angelo’s Fort and the Arakkal Palace and therefore has a lot of tourists visiting the bay. The inland and rough sea is separated by a sea wall projecting from the fort.

Payyambalam Beach

Surfing through the enormous stretch of silvery sand along with waves of sea and enjoying sunset in the beach gifts you a relaxed evening. Beach is very clean and well maintained by the concerned authorities which also attracts the tourist folks. The serene atmosphere all-around fills your body and mind with peace. Beach garden has the statue of mother and child by sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman along with other famous monuments attracts all local residents to spend their evenings.

Arakkal Museum

Arakkal Museum was the residence of the Arakkal Rajas, the only Muslim royal family of Kerala. The museum houses a lot of artefacts that belong to the Arakkal family like furniture, spear, sword, ancient telescope, leather shields, kitchen utensils and others.

Thalassery Fort

The Thalassery Fort is situated in the heart of Thalassery Town was built by the British East India Company. The huge walls, carved massive entrance doors, the secret tunnels that lead to the sea and others are the main tourist attractions of this region. This historical monument is an engineering wonder with underground caves which challenges modern engineering techniques.


Ezhimala is a hill station that provides a splendid view of the Ezhimala Beach surrounded by the seven hills. Ettikulam Bay near to Ezhimala beach gives you a beautiful chance of viewing dolphin dance and play in water.The water of the Ezhimala beach is bluer than others giving you a mind blowing experience altogether. The Mount Deli lighthouse, Lord Hanuman temple and ruins of old Fort (Muslim Mosque) near to the Ezhimala beach. The Indian Naval Academy is another big attraction this tourist spot.


PaithalMala is a hill station situated at a height of 4500 feet above sea level and is a best trekking spot for tourists. The hill is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna. After reaching observatory tower by trekking, one can see mind blowing Coorg forest on left and Paithal valley on right.

Meenkunnu Beach

An extension of Payambalam beach, golden sand with thick lines of coconut trees is a best partner for your leisure times. It is very peaceful and less crowded beach. It is an area of fishing hamlets and cliff top provides a mesmerizing view of the sea.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Kerala’s only drive in beach where one can drive along the entire stretch of the beach. The shallow water in the beach makes it a paradise for the people who love swimming. Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing and water sports are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach.

Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a small island with rich coconut trees and green bushes. To view the island from Muzhuppilangad Beach is mind blowing. During low tides one can get exiciting experience of walking through the sea to the island. Many different kinds of medicinal herbs, trees and more surprisingly the only well inside island has water which is not salty makes the place more interesting to tourists. The island is surrounded by mainland sea on three sides and sea on one side. A strip of reddish brown colour rock surrounds this place.

Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple

Muthappan temple (Siva Temple) is located in the banks of Valpattanam river about 16km from Kannur.People from all caste, religion and nationalities are allowed to enter the temple.Travellers and pilgrims who wish to enjoy the charms of Theyyam can visit this temple, since this ritual is performed on daily basis here.The artist who performs Muthappan Theyyam is considered as a representative of God and gives convincing solutions to problems of devotees.

Rajarajeshwari Temple

Rajarajeshwari Temple is one of most famous shiva temple in south India.The Lord Shive in the form jyothirlingam is three times powerful than any other shiva temples.The unique feature of all temples in kerala Kodimaram, is not there here.Women are allowed to enter the temple only after 8pm.This temple is considered as one of the 108 ancient shiva temples of Kerala built by Raja Raja Chola. The Karnataka CM, Yadiyurappa is a regular visitor of this temple. The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Smt. Jayalalitha have visited the temple and donated an elephant to the temple.

Perallaseri Subramanya Temple

This temple is of historic importance connected with Ramayana.It is believed that Lord Rama and laxman halted in this temple and took blessing on their way to Srilanka for rescue of Sita. The presiding deity of the temple is the serpent form of Lord Subrahmanya .Many bronze and copper idols of snake are foung in this temple.The main offerings in this temple is egg.The stepped pond near the temple is an impressive one.