Chikmangalur is one of the best tourist locations you should never miss if you are in Bangalore. It is situated in Malanadu region of Karnataka in the foothills of Western Ghats. This amazing beauty is 250 Km away from the capital city Bangalore. Chikkamagaluru takes its name from the Kannada Cikkamagaluru that translates to "younger daughter's town". It is said to have been given as a dowry to the youngest daughter of Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakharayapattana. The Yagachi River has its source near the town and flows in the south-easterly direction before uniting with the Kaveri river. Chikmagalur generally has a moderate to cool climate. The temperature of the city varies from 11-20 °C during winter to 25-32 °C during summer. Chikmagalur is connected to other parts of the state through roads. National Highway 173 (India) passes through the town and forms the main link for buses traveling from North Karnataka to the coastal districts. State Highway 57 (Karnataka) connects between Shimoga and Hassan. A railway line connects Chikmagalur to Kadur. The nearest international airport is at Mangalore. Main places to visit in Chikmangaluru: Chikkamagaluru attracts many tourists especially from India due its scenic locations and nearby hill stations such as Kudremukh, Mullayanagiri, Kalasa, Koppa, Sringeri, Balehonnur and Mudigere. You can choose our Chikmangalore Tour packages for the accommodation and trekking details

Places to visit in Chikmangalur

Shettyhalli Church

This church has been built by French Missionaries in 1860 on the bank of Hemavathi River near Hassan. The place is an example for relocation of civilization due to the development of Dam. On 1960s government decided to construct a Dam named Gorur Dam across Hemavathi river for irrigation purpose. Villagers were relocated to nearby villages but the church remains there as a reminiscence. Every year as the monsoons fill up the reservoir, the church retires to the submerged world and as the water level recedes it emerges in all its glory. The skeleton has a mysterious charisma that makes your jaw down at the first glimpse. The church is preserved European architectural beauty that you can see on the ruins and one can make out the complete structure by filling the missing pieces of puzzle. Now the place is famous for scenic photography especially for Models and Film makers. The place is 200 Km away from Bangalore. Do not miss the place if you are visiting to Sakleshpur and Chikmangalore.


Kuduremukha is the third highest peak in Karnataka after Mullayangiri and Baba Budangiri. The name Kudremukha means hourse frace in Kannada language, one of the best scenic view that resembles a horse face. Historically the place is also called Samseparvata, which is situated 50KM from Karkala and 20 KM from Kalasa. Kudremukh National Park is spread partly over the thick hilly forests near the coastal plains on the western portion and the shola vegetation on the Western Ghats uplands, covering parts of three districts, viz., Chickmagalur, Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. Kudremukh peak is the highest spot of the national park (1892 meters), which bear the impact of heavy wind at the time of monsoon, prevent tree growth which makes the hill is covered with grass carpet. The whole scenery of grassland scattered with narrow strips of forests provides a fantastic panorama. The Government of Karnataka declared these reserved forest as National park to protect the lion tailed macaques in this region. Three important rivers, Tunga, Bhadra and Nethravathi are said to have their origin here. A shrine of goddess Bhagavathi and a Varaha image, 1.8 m within a cave are the main attractions. The Tunga River and Bhadra River flow freely through the parklands. The area of the Kadambi waterfalls is a definite point of interest for anyone who travels to the spot. The animals found there include malabar civets, wild dogs, sloth bears and spotted deer.


Mullayanagiri is the trekker's paradise at a height of 1930 meters. Trekking at this place is a memorable experience. You can enjoy the speed of cold wind that is hitting you. It will be a astonishing experience if you reach this place by 6 AM. There is a small Shiva temple on the top of the hill. It is located 12 KM away from chikmangalur. Mullayangiri is the part of Baba Budan Giri hill ranges is the highest peak in Karnataka. The entire area obtains very heavy rainfall, making the trekking routes extremely difficult to navigate in the monsoons. The winters are severe with frequent mists reducing visibility along the perfidious inclines. The best period to go trekking in Chikmagalur is between September and February. Travel with Cook Ur Trip Holidays and experience the world class hospitality